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Slip-On Collection


Perfect Shoes For Ladies On The Go

Slip on footwear can be a woman’s best friend - especially when traveling. If you’re on the go you don’t want to have to worry about shoe laces coming untied, you just want to enjoy your adventure. With Paul Green’s Slip On Collection there is no need to fuss with laces, just slip them on and go. 


Slip On Footwear That Is As Comfortable As It Is Versatile

Flat slip ons are the new in shoewear focusing on a natural lifestyle. Paul Green’s Slip On Collection goes with just about any outfit. You can dress them down with jeans and a tee or give that sundress a fun, sporty look. No need to grab a pair of high heels when you want a little height, grab a pair of platform sneakers. No matter the occasion, we have your feet covered!