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Removable Footbed Collection

Personalize your sneaker fit with removable leather insoles, cushioned for ultra comfort.


Personalize Your Footwear With Removable Insoles

Paul Green believes comfort is the most important aspect of shoes, but understands that not everyone has the same footwear needs. The removable Footbed Collection is perfect for women who may have sensitive feet, but still want to stay fashionable. Although the leather footbed is cushioned for ultra comfort, it can be removed for personal customization.


You Don’t Have To Trade Style For Comfort

Just because you want your footwear to be comfortable, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. These snazzy sneakers were designed to go with any everyday outfit. From sneakers with double elastic laces that are easy to slip on to a pair of finely detailed zipper sneakers to keep you on the go, Paul Green has you covered day in and out.